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You’re Missing Out On More Than Flavor By Not Using Terp Pearls

At Fusion, we enjoy traveling to the furthest reaches of the dabiverse, but you don’t really have to go far before you run into a terp pearl. These miniature spheres have become pretty common in 710 circles despite being a pretty recent addition to the standard dabbing gear. Just a few years ago, mentioning terp pearls to even avid connoisseurs of concentrates would get you some funny looks. Today, terp pearls (also commonly referred to as dab pearls or terp balls) have become a beloved staple; especially on the low temperature dabbing circuit. So, here’s everything you need to know about these simple yet valuable tools.

So What Are Terp Pearls Anyway? 

For anyone who’s never even heard of terp pearls, let alone seen one, they’re basically unassuming spheres usually measuring around 4mm to 6mm in diameter. You’ll find dab pearls in a wide selection of materials including (but not limited to) quartz, glass, ruby, sapphire, and opal. Most commonly, you’ll find them as simple, clear orbs devoid of adornment, though the borosilicate terp pearls are sometimes accented with decoration like milli and the ruby, sapphire and opal varieties can introduce a veritable rainbow of color operations that would complement the headiest of rigs. And as to why we use them? They offer plenty of benefits but their primary purpose is to aid in the distribution of both your concentrates and the heat being used to consume them efficiently. 

The Vast Benefits of Terp Pearls

Terp pearls may not be absolutely essential in getting juggernaut hits bursting with flavor but they definitely help. Speaking scientifically, the inclusion of terp pearls in your banger increases the surface area that comes into contact with your oil as they move the amber concentrate around for even distribution. Incorporating a carb cap will then drop the atmospheric pressure in your banger, allowing for a more efficient means of consumption. 

Terp pearls offer a unique benefit when it comes to the increasingly popular practice of low temperature dabbing. Since the motion of the dab pearls keeps the hot air circulating and moves the oil around, you’re easily able to consume all of the concentrate without any pooling from a cooling banger. No more wasted wax. No more sticky residue to scrub away. And no need for the torch scorch! The rapid spinning motion of the dab pearls also helps to retain the heat trapped in your banger. This kind of consistency also aids in the thorough, efficient utilization of oil instead of trapping heat in a few select spots. 

The primary reason for the rise in popularity of low temperature dabbing is flavor preservation. Less heat means less terpenes are burned off; a major benefit considering terps get fried at a much lower temperature than most of the other compounds in your oil. Since terp pearls improve the effectiveness of low temperature dabbing, you can look forward to improved flavor when these tiny orbs are in action. 

How Do You Use Dab Pearls Properly? 

When you see your first terp pearl, you’re most likely perplexed by how this tiny sphere could actually be used in the dabbing ritual. By now, you’ve most likely realized that the tiny spheres go inside your banger and you can load it with one or more depending on your preference. In most cases, you’ll deposit the pearls into your banger prior to heating it, but you can also drop them into the mix after you’ve finished heating your banger. If your dab pearls are already loaded into your banger when you fire up the torch, make sure to heat evenly while making sure to hit the areas where your pearls are sitting as well. Once your banger’s temperature has lowered to your preferred threshold, you can load your wax, top your banger with your carb cap and your terp pearls will spring into action with your hit. Not all carb caps offer a design capable of setting the terp pearls in motion.Spinner and cyclone carb caps are obviously excellent options, but there are other capable designs, including directional carb caps. We’ve found bubble caps get the ball rolling quite well. 

Just like your banger, your terp pearls need to be cleaned after every dab. Otherwise, you can expect compromised flavor, lowered performance and a bigger mess to clean. To clean dab pearls, simply wipe them down with cotton swabs and some high percentage isopropyl. If they’re really in need of some work, you can give them a soak in iso for anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour. If you’re giving them the iso bath, make sure that they’ve adequately cooled down before popping them in the liquid. Otherwise, you run the risk of subjecting them to thermal shock. 

So, despite their miniature size, terp pearls can make big improvements on your sesh. They make it easier to elevate your flavor and experience if you’re an avid fan of low temperature methods. And you can even color coordinate them to suit your heady setups! You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to recognize that a banger plus a terp pearl equals quality!