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Best Carb Caps for the Fusion Banger’s Beveled Edge

At Fusion, our bangers were designed in an attempt to scratch every itch we got when using some of our favorite buckets. Each design choice we made was intended to get us closer to an impeccable experience. We believe that the beveled edge is rapidly becoming the standard for bangers for a variety of reasons, all supported by the connoisseurs out there. But if you’re not well-versed in the use of a beveled banger, you may be concerned on whether your favorite carb cap will be feeling that fit. Well, we’re going to dispel your doubts by breaking down the best carb cap models to pair off with your Fusion beveled banger.

Why Fusion Bangers Always Offer a Beveled Edge

Before we delve into our favorite carb cap types to use with our quartz bangers, we wanted to take a moment to clarify why we feel a beveled edge is the way to go. In our experience (and you know we love to test everything in the name of science), the beveled edge creates a tighter seal which in turn facilitates an increase in pressure within the bucket. This means that when you’re exposing your Fusion banger to a lower temperature torch blast, you can still expect potent results. And we love low temperature methods here at Fusion because they mean blasts of terpy flavor. So whenever you go with Fusion, you know that you’re also going with a beveled edge by default. 

The Unbreakable Bubble for Best Carb Cap

Probably the carb cab design that gets the most acclaim for its fit with beveled bangers is the bubble carb cap. These designs are all about mastering airflow control, using a bulbous chamber to allow you to pivot the airflow with ease. But a standard flat top banger creates friction with the rounded bubble carb cap that can add frustration into a process that’s meant to be smooth and simple. In addition, when the curves of the bubble meet that unyielding flat rim, we’re often left with a compromised seal. A beveled edge cradles the bubble carb cap, providing a reliable seal that delivers the high pressurization of the bucket that we want. So, if you’re looking for an almost guaranteed fit for your Fusion banger, a bubble cap is the way to go. But it’s also not your only option. 

Don’t Get it Twisted - the Spinner Cap is a Masterful Pairing

Flat top spinner carb cap models work beautifully with the beveled edge of a Fusion banger. Some can even form a tighter seal than most bubble caps, though on average the bubble caps will produce the most reliable seals. The right flat top directional carb cap can make a flawless duo when combined with one of our bangers, but a lot of that will boil down to personal preference. To sum it up: if you like bubble caps or flat top spinner caps, you’re in luck with a Fusion banger.

The Carb Caps That Don’t Fit

So, are there any carb caps that don’t work with a Fusion banger? If there’s a carb cap that’s been crafted that universally fits every banger, we’ve yet to meet it. You can rest assured that most carb cap models will work wonderfully with a Fusion beveled banger but there are occasions when a carb cap is either too tiny or too large to form a proper seal with a beveled edge. We’ve made every effort to match the industry standard for measurements when designing our bangers, so finding a carb cap that doesn’t fit is exceedingly rare. 

We like to view Fusion bangers as being made by connoisseurs for the enjoyment of everyone. You can be a casual fan of the sesh, but we still want you to get a first class experience with our quartz. We’ve decided a beveled edge is the best way to do it. While we haven’t created a Fusion carb cap (at least not yet...hint hint) we recognize some models work better than others and feel these designs continue to bring you closer to the utopian sesh we’d love to bring to everyone. Bubble caps and flat top spinners are clearly leading the pack, but your Fusion banger will accommodate almost any carb cap you can throw at it.